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Build and grow your dairy business with Karnal Dairy Farming by buying our Black Dairy Cow, Dairy Farm Cow  and bulls..

Karnal Dairy Farming

Cattle are a type of livestock that have a wide range of applications in the agriculture industry, from milk production to farming, from years they have been helping we humans in living a happy & healthy life. Karnal Dairy Farming started out its business to cater to this demand of livestock, as a trader of dairy animals like Buffaloes, Bulls and Cows. We deal in an ample variety of dairy animals which includes Black Sahiwal Cow, Dairy Farm Cow and various other breeds. We cater to the needs of many farmers by providing such a wide range of cattle. For more than 4 decades in business, we have gained enough expertise to provide the animals which are healthy, active and have high lactation. Our animals are brought up in a suitable, clean and disease free environment for their better growth. They are fed, bred and reared in our farm with special attention and care so that our clients are satisfied with them and they provide sufficient output.

"We are accepting minimum order quantity only 5 to 6 Units and Maximum Unlimited."
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We deal in an ample variety of dairy animals which includes Sahiwal Cow, Jersey Cow, Murrah Buffalo and various other breeds.
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