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HF Cows
HF Cows are basically known for their super quality milk production which helps in increasing good cholesterol in body by disposing the bad cholesterol and keeps you healthy and energetic too. They are widely available in bulk quantities, at reasonable rates, for our valued customers.

Sahiwal Cows
Sahiwal Cows are one of the important and indigenous cow breeds among all breeds of cows available in India. These cows milk acts as a boon for human health as it can cure multiple diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, as well as heart problems too. 

Murrah Buffalos
Murrah Buffalos, a breed of water buffalo originated from Punjab and Haryana, mostly preferred for production of high-quality milk. They give up to 8-16 litres of milk on a daily basis. These buffalos are more disease resistance as compared to other breed buffaloes.

Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar Cows milk is rich in multiple proteins and minerals which helps in controlling the cholesterol level of body and also helps in keeping human heart healthy. This cows milk is very essential for those who are suffering from multiple diseases and this type of cow is available at fair prices in market.
Dairy Calf
Dairy Calf, a small breed of dairy cattle which is basically used for production of milk. The milk of this calf is very beneficial for your health as it increases energy in the body as it is rich in calcium, proteins and minerals. This calfs breed is very popular and famous for its high-quality milk and butterfat of milk too.

"We are accepting minimum order quantity only 5 to 6 Units and Maximum Unlimited."