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Our Commitments

Karnal Dairy Farming is committed to meet the needs of agricultural clients for long-term milk production. As dairy industry is constantly evolving, we work towards enhanced milk production levels. Also, we ensure proper management of housing, nutrition, health and reproduction. Our cows & buffaloes are known for producing high-quality milk. They are kept in perfect condition and nurtured well. At Karnal Dairy Farming, we serve for small/marginal farmers, agricultural businesses and large dairying units.  

Our Farm

The land is sufficiently big and fertile so that the animals could be fed with good quality hay and pasture to fulfill their dietary needs. Clean water and freshly grown grains are fed to the cattle to ensure that they remain fit and healthy. Our farms are very carefully maintained and each animal is handled with considerable amount of care and attention. We provide water-proof, ventilated and draft-free shelters to our cattle which are fenced with highly tensile material so that our cattle are always protected and secured. At our farm, there is a right blend of traditional and modern dairy farming practices. The farm is sufficient, and equipped with all needful equipment for feeding and keeping the cattle. Also, we work as per the right dairy practices.    

Our Quality Assurance & Team Of Care Takers

We have employed experts who extensively know the shelter needs, food requirements and can set up suitable environment for the cattle. They are very sensitive towards the cattle and make sure that the cattle are taken care of. Our appointed specialists provide the cattle with plenty of pasture, maintain their health & disease free environment and treat them with respect and care. The hired workers are regular, consistent, patient, dependable, attentive, trustworthy, compassionate and are highly skillful. They have ample strength to handle the cattle and their aggressiveness with sensitivity and care.

Why Us?

Karnal Dairy Farming is dedicated to offer the best variety of dairy animals. We understand our clients' milk production requirements, and provide appropriate solutions accordingly. We have rich experience and special farm to meet the increasing agricultural needs. Following are the points that makes us leader of the industry and reasons to our customers to come to us, over other cattle animal dealers:

  • Our farm is naturally blessed to provide the best habitat for the animals to live in and grow.
  • We maintain and take care of our farm and cattle with ample amount of attention and care.
  • Our experience has helped us understand our clients' needs well which makes us stand out in the market.
  • We have a wide range of livestock which gives our clients enough choices