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HF Cows

Proper knowledge of the cow breed is the most important step for assuring good dairying practice. To help buyers select best available livestock from many popular breeds, we, Karnal, Haryana based KARNAL DAIRY FARMING, present our large collection of HF Cows. Native to Holland, these exotic cows are large capacious animals having a commendably high milk yield. As compared to desi breeds that usually give 1350 kg-3000 kg of milk, our HF Cows can produce no less than 7200-9000 kg milk yield. Many cross breeds of these cows are also offered that can give a milk yield of 10-15 liter almost everyday.

Key Features:

  • Docile cows that can be tamed, maintained and milked with ease
  • Best suited for commercial dairy farming
  • Fit and healthy with improved fertility functions
  • Extended life span – no need for frequent herd replacement
Hf Cows are a breed of dairy cattle with origin from Dutch provinces of North Holland & Friesland. They generally have white colored body with black & occasional red patches. Also called as Holstein Friesian, these cows are known to be the world’s highest milk producing dairy animals. Their average lactation period is about 300 to 305 days with average weight of 680 to 770 kilograms. Milk produced by these cows has high nutritional value and cream concentration.
HF Dairy Cows
HF Dairy Cows
HF Dairy Cows are greatly admired to have great strength, strong body, and large milk producing capacity. They are known to be the highest milk producing animals in the world with about 3.7% butterfat and 3.1% protein content. These cows generally have white & black patches on their body. Their origin is from Netherland, Germany, & Denmark. These cows have ability to produce 10,000-12,000 litres of milk in a 10-month lactation cycle.
Hf cows supplier in haryana
Hf cows supplier in haryana
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