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Tharparkar Cow

Tharparkar Cows offered by KARNAL DAIRY FARMING are physically characterized by white to greyish skin and a medium to large frame. The milking ability and draught potential of these cows that are native to Tharparkar District in Sindh province (present day Pakistan) are quite high- reasons that make our finely reared Tharparkar Cows one of the most popular milk productive cow breeds among Indian dairy farmers today. We sell these cows at affordable prices, plus, when reared properly they can give additional economical advantage by producing almost 8-10 kg milk daily. Annual milk yield of such cows is 3000-3500 kg.

Key Features:

  • Milk produced by these cows is nutritious and have 5% fat
  • A healthy body weight of almost 400-450 kgs in each cow
  • Highly heat tolerant cows that are also immune to various diseases
  • Also popularly known by names like White Sindhi, Grey Sindhi, Thari, etc
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Rathi Cow

Price: 30000 Onwards INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:80 Per Day
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pure desi cows

Price: 30000 Onwards INR/Unit

Pure Desi Cows are known to have long and thick horns curved inwards with healthy and muscular body. They are most common milk producing cattle in India having great production capacity. These cows are generally white in color and produce milk with good amount of casein and whey proteins. They are known to have high heat tolerance with resistance to various topical diseases.

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Tharparkar Cow

Price: 30000 Onwards INR/Unit

Tharparkar Cow has big & wide hunchback with thick horns and average weight of around 400 kilograms. With origins from Sindh, Tharparkar Cow is considered a dairy animal as well as a draught animal. This cow breed is known to produce up to 3500 kilograms of milk per year with daily production capacity of 8-10 Kg. It's milk is rich in nutrients having about 5% of fat & 9% of SNF content.